Congrats! You’re engaged! Now what?!

Getting engaged was so exciting. Matt’s proposal was perfect! It was such a sweet moment between just the two of us. After we told our friend, family and loved ones I found myself scratching my head and saying, “Now what?” I know that everyone does this whole wedding planing their own way but for those of you that are going to plan every detail of the day yourself – I am sharing what I did below!

  1. Guest list! Figure out roughly how many people you are looking to invite! This was top priority so that our guest list could guide our wedding venue search! It also helped us when considering budget! We had a big guest list so knowing that ahead of time was great when starting the planing process.
  2. Timing! Consider when you want to get married. I wouldn’t go as far as picking a wedding date (yet!) but I would know roughly what time of year or what season you (and your new fiancé!) want to get married. Also, consider how long you want to be engaged! We knew that we wanted to get married in the winter. A winter wedding was always a recommendation from my beloved grandfather. So once we got engaged it just made sense to us!
  3. Location! Where do you want to get married? In one of your home towns? A short distance away (a few hours)? A destination? We knew that Cincinnati was the only place we wanted to get married. Our family and friends are all here and with a 200+ guest list saying local made sense!
  4. Venue! Do your homework and research venues that are in your desired location and fit your guest list! I reached out to several places that I found in that I knew could accommodate our invite list. Sometimes venues can give you a rough budget but you never really know what the cost will be until you go and visit. We visited three venues and ultimately we picked our venue because it was authentic, charming, and felt “very Cincinnati” to us. We walked in and we knew! When you know, you know! Once we knew where we wanted to have our reception – next up was date. Our venue was/is in high demand and they only had a few free days left in the winter for us to pick from. So we signed up for January winter wedding. ❤️
  5. Vendors! Once you pick your venue that will dictate what other vendors you will need! Our venue was AMAZING and pretty much took care of every single rental details. We needed to plan for a church, limo, DJ, cake,

I will share more about our specific vendors later. They truly made the day a breeze! More on them next week!

x KB


Marital Bliss

I married my husband almost three weeks ago. In the past three weeks I have learned a few new things about marriage.

  1. Marriage doesn’t change your relationship you had. But I think it has changed my attitude about my relationship. Those vows were the real deal! I am a bit more patient and forgiving. We’ve always been committed but standing in front of your family and friends makes the commitment real, real!
  2. Saying my husband has been weird! But exciting and fun! Something to get used to!
  3. Changing your last name stinks! The process is a pain. What. Gives. ProTip: get to the SS office early! I was in an out in 30-mins
  4. I now want to tweet #theshitmyhusbandsays. Like when texting me: WUW? For those of you that are wondering… he means, “What up wife?” Or how about our bargains. While I’m out running errands if you keep the laundry going I’ll bring you back Wendy’s. I can’t help but laugh at some of our conversations we’ve had.
  5. Everyone asks when we’re having babies. Slow your role!

Marriage so far is great. Not perfect but great and pretty much everything I was expecting it to be. Our wedding day was a perfect day with family, friends and loved ones. My next few post will be about our wedding, the details and planning that went into our big day!

x KB