Back to the Drawing Board

Sometimes, I feel like life is playing a joke on me. Every time I think I have a plan of attack something changes and I have to re-plan. But maybe that is just life? So I have learned that the best laid plan is having no plan [literally]. Hmmm. Will this possibly work?

So we aren’t closing on our house at the end of the week. We won’t ever be closing on that house because it won’t ever be our house. We are back on the hunt. Except for this time… we don’t have the plans of moving out of a rental looming over our head. We are as settled — as settled as we can be in my future-in-law’s house [bless them]. And we are back to refreshing the MLS every hour to see if anything has been listed that looks like it could work for us.

Some people say that house hunting is fun, and exciting and enjoyable. Well, I seriously want to meet these people. After doing this for months I want to know who in their right mind wants to live in this limbo. GOSH. 

The only perk is that this time we don’t have to settle. We can find exactly what we want. But it is hard because things are moving so quickly — it feels like we will never, ever find something that works for us.

I am finding myself saying a praying, hoping for the best and wishing for a perfect house that we can call our own.

The saga continues next time…



Life Planning

I have tried several times to start a blog but I never had anything to write about. Who wants to read about my emotions and how I feel about things? Well I was encouraged to start a blog (again) as I am both planning a wedding and purchasing a house that needs a lot of work done!

I hope that this blog can be a little place for great ideas and maybe even some feelings…you know about love, marriage and making a house a home. I am really excited to share this with everyone!

We don’t close on our house until the first week of June so up until that point I might write a blog or two about the house hunting and house buying process. Here in Cincinnati both of these things were stressful since the house market here is BUMPIN’ and we were first time home buyers. Eek!

More on that to come!

xoxo – KJB